Representations of Migration and Displacement: Panel Discussion

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Join us for a discussion of representations of migration, displacement and conflict across visual media, contemporary art, journalism, photography, documentary and more. We are delighted to host some fantastic speakers, including Maurice Wren, Eugenie Dolberg, Dima Karout and Nadia Atia. The discussion will be followed by a Q&A session with questions from the audience. Join us afterwards for a drink in the SOAS bar!

For more than thirty years Maurice Wren has worked to support migrants and refugees. He has been the Chief Executive of the Refugee Council since March 2013. Prior to this he worked as a Director in the homelessness and refugee protection fields at charities Shelter and Asylum Aid. Maurice Wren co-founded the ground-breaking Independent Asylum Commission in 2007, Detention Forum in 2009, and also chairs UK Refugee Week.

Eugenie Dolberg is a photographer and photojournalist. Her participatory photography project, Open Shutters, trained women from all over Iraq to share their experience of war and occupation using photography and writing. This enabled them to document and bear witness to their own experiences, challenging interpretation and representation of events by Western media, and allowing them to take ownership of their own stories.

Nadia Atia is a Senior Lecturer at Queen Mary, University of London. Her work has explored how the First World War shaped British perceptions of Mesopotamia (modern-day Iraq) in the early twentieth century. Her current research examines Britain’s ever-evolving relationship with Iraq, and the ways in which Iraq and its people are represented in contemporary Iraqi literature available in the UK.

Dima Karout is a visual artist and educator. She has worked on a range of projects relating to migration. Her work investigates the evolution of identity beyond borders, internal and external conflicts, the metaphor of home, and the relation between people and places. In her exhibitions and classes, she advocates for socially engaged art. Dima is currently the artist/curator in residence at the Migration Museum.

Date: 15.11.18

Time: 7pm-9pm

Venue: SOAS, Room SALT - Paul Webley Wing (Senate House North Block)

Tickets £5 / £10 including a copy of Contra Issue 01

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Representations of Migration and Displacement: Panel Discussion


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